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Your Virtual Assistant Website Fundamentals

Virtual Assistant Website Fundamentals

Thanks for checking out my post on the fundamental elements you NEED to have for your Virtual Assistant Website.  

We definitely have you covered so you can start and run a professional looking Virtual Assistant Website!  We’ve got 10 elements to cover here but first I want to ask you one very important question, do you actually already have a website?

If yes, awesome, please carry on.  If not, we need to hold the phone and get that set up first.  Long term, you need to use, especially if you want to create some wikkid passive income, which you will get to know is a huge focus for me.  

Get your WordPress site and hosting all set up here and then make your life one million times easier by choosing an amazing and well thought-out theme from Bluchic here

Then make sure you come back to me here!

I’ve heard quite a few times where a new Virtual Assistant doesn’t want to swallow the cost or put in the time to build and run their own website.  

If you are actually serious about having a successful Virtual Assistant website, this is non-negotiable.  

You are VIRTUAL…online….web accessible…. how could you not have a WEBsite.  

This is pretty much the equivalent of going to a job interview in jeans… as far as I’m concerned.

Your website is your initial job interview.  No, that’s not an exaggeration!

Most online entrepreneurs looking for a Virtual Assistant want to get to know more about you online before they even consider hiring you.  No website, or a poorly executed one, means no job offers or mediocre ones at best.

So let’s check out the top reasons of why you need a Virtual Assistant Website:

Why you need a Virtual Assistant Website

  1. Entice Potential Clients: I sort of touched on this above. We live in a digital age where people would rather check someone out online instead of actually having a conversation with them.  Sad but true, but also convenient.  When I want to know more about a product, or person or service, the first place I check out is the website.  If it doesn’t look good or professional, I’m out. As in, out in half a second.  If someone hasn’t put effort into being proud and showcasing their brand or knowledge, they’ve lost me as a client or fan.  Your Virtual Assistant Website needs to entice your potential clients right from the word go.  I’m a huge supporter of Bluchic WordPress themes for this reason, and I make sure to touch more on that further down.
  2. Showcase Your Skills: This is your opportunity to make yourself irresistible to your potential clients by showing them exactly what you can do for them.  This can be through your portfolio, tutorials, printables etc.  They can see first hand exactly what you are good at and how it can help them.  Seeing is believing!
  3. Advertise Your Services:  This gives you a direct opportunity to let potential clients know exactly what services you can offer them and how much those amazing services are going to cost.  It’s also going to help you weed out potential clients who are looking to pay peanuts for your services.  I know there is controversy on whether or not you should show your service pricing on your site – well, I’m all for it. Right from the beginning, I was firm on my price and I’m incredibly proud of that and you should be too.  Know your worth!
  4. Creating Passive Income:  Huh? Yes, that is ABSOLUTELY a part of my work from home and VIrtual Assistant strategy.  I have an entire post dedicated to it here in case you are interested. Having a website gives you the opportunity to blog which in turn gives you the opportunity to earn affiliate income, ad income, e-product income etc…  Having a blog also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.  This is a win win folks!

The 11 Fundamental Elements

So now that you know why you absolutely need to have your Virtual Assistant Website, let’s delve into what the heck you should put on it.

I’ve got the top 11 fundamental elements that I believe you do need. While there may be some variation depending on your exact niche, this list is pretty legit all around.

My site is still missing a few of these, so please don’t think you can’t launch your site until every single one is done.  Your site will ALWAYS be a work in progress; these are just guides to start you off on the right foot so you can land some clients so you can gain confidence and take some stress off.


This is your opportunity not only to be professional but to also show some of your personality.  

Don’t let your About Me page only be about your work experience.  

There are probably a ton of other Virtual Assistants out there that have a similar skill set. SORRY, it’s the truth.

Good news is: Only one of them is you.  

What makes you tick?  What is your motivation?  What led you to where you are today? Why have you chosen to be a Virtual Assistant?

Give potential clients a way in to your life and what it would be like to work with you.  It works, and it will set you apart.  

Here is a great example of Ashley Abbey’s About me section:


I feel like this might be slightly obvious here, but don’t underestimate the power of the Services page!  

You really have an opportunity to delve into exactly what you want to offer, how you want to offer it, and how much you’re going to charge for it.

Don’t forget this isn’t set in stone.  

After about two months of being in business, I went and updated mine because I was able to further narrow down what I was willing and not willing to do and what I wanted to charge.

Once you know what type of services you want to offer (you can narrow that down with my worksheet here), you then have to narrow down how to charge clients.  

These are the most common options:

  1. Hourly:  This is where you track your hours for the month and then bill your client according to the hours spent.  Clients typically like this as they feel they are only paying for the work performed.  For this method to work, you will need a good tracking software – I use an AMAZING one called MyHours and it’s FREE for personal use.  It allows me to pull weekly excel spreadsheets and then I attach them along with my invoice at the end of the month.
  2. Retainer:  This is where your client purchases a certain amount of hours and they can use them as needed.  The nice thing is you can feel safe in that you won’t have to worry about getting paid at the end of the month.  You will still need to track your time so you can let your client know how the time was spent.  When a client is low on hours, they can then purchase another bank of hours.
  3. Monthly Package:  This is where your client will pay you a flat fee for the month to have a certain amount of tasks performed.  The nice thing is that you don’t have to necessarily track your hours for the month as long as the tasks get done and your client is happy.  A word to the wise – still track your hours.  My very first client ever was on a monthly package and when I finally started tracking my hours and broke it down, I was only making $20/hour, when I should have been around $35/hour.  I was working a lot more hours than originally agreed and it wasn’t worth it for the hourly wage I was receiving.  Don’t make the same mistake I did!

Below is an example from my site for my Retainer packages.  As you can see, the more hours they purchase, the better deal it is.  

Make sure to let clients know that any unused hours can be carried over to the following month so they aren’t worried about over-buying hours.


Alright so this one will be pretty nice and quick, but what I do have to mention is very important!

Most people just put a form in here for people (potential clients) to fill out and call it a day.  

Have you ever filled out a form on someone’s site? It’s the most annoying thing. I know I’m not the only one here!

As someone who is on her computer all day, especially if I’m considering hiring someone, I DO NOT want to fill out a stupid form.  

I want an email address I can email directly, so I can send a personal message.  

*Please include your email address.

Also, make sure to include your social icons!  

A client might not be ready to hire you yet but if you give them a chance to follow you on Social Media (your business accounts), the more they will see you and the more likely you will stay top of mind when it comes time to hire someone.  

In the meantime, you can also showcase all of your related knowledge via blog posts which you will share on your social media site and they will see.  

Check out my contact page below:


You might be thinking, “man, what the heck am I supposed to blog about.”

I get it…  

I had been thinking of blogging for years and every time, I stopped myself because all I could think was:

“Who is going to read what I have to say, and I don’t think I have anything to say anyways.”

I finally figured out that I actually had a lot to say, but maybe not on a personal level.  I had a lot to say in terms of how to get things done for my clients and what they can do to improve their businesses.  

A great place to start is to check out the blogs of fellow Virtual Assistants that specialize in the same niche as you.  

I’m not saying copy what they have to say…  there’s a dirty word for that type of thing…

I’m just saying it will give you some good topic ideas to start out with.  

I’m currently working on a few blog posts on how to best structure a blog post and a massive list of actual blog post ideas for Virtual Assistants.  

Make sure you join the mailing list so you can get them right to your inbox as soon as they go live!


So this one is a biggy!  

Especially if you are hoping to make a little extra passive moolah!!  

This is a great page for other Virtual Assistants to check out and also bloggers and clients, to see what tools and resources you use and recommend for your business and to run your clients’ businesses.  

The links you add to this page will be affiliate links which means you can receive a small kick back for making the referral.

That’s pretty sweet, right?  

That’s what we mean by passive income.  You set this page up and it has the potential to earn you money by just existing.  

If you want to start on this right away, make a list of the programs/apps you currently use in your business, have used in the past, or plan to use once your business is up and running.

Then simply do a Google search.

Let’s say you plan on using Convertkit for your email newsletter. Go to Google and type in “Convertkit Affiliate Program”.  

It will bring you to their affiliate sign up page and you need to fill in the required information.  

*Note – most affiliate programs will ask you for your web address and ask how you plan to promote their product, so don’t start this step until you have your site up and running.  

Don’t give them any opportunity to say no.  

Then make sure you link the items on your Resources page using the affiliate links provided by each company.


This is definitely an important one, and the good news is you can start building this from day one.

You don’t have to have actual clients before you start building your portfolio.

Let’s say you want to specialize in graphics or branding. You can start adding your creations to your portfolio page without actually making them for paying clients.  

This is probably how you will get your first paying clients in that type of niche.

They will hire you because they can get a clear visual on your skillset.

This page has actually been haunting me for a while and I NEED to get it done.  

Hopefully, you will see one up on here soon!  

Here is an AMAZING example of a kick ass portfolio from Krystal Clark Creative:


This may not be a page you can offer right from the get-go, but it’s one to definitely keep in mind.  

Once you start creating free tools and resources that you are offering to your readers in exchange for their email address, you should make them more easily accessible and have them all in one place.  

Another idea to keep in mind is once you have quite a few, you can just have them all accessible through one sign up page that is password protected, so that your readers don’t have to keep signing up with you every time they want access to a new freebie!


This one might be tough right off the bat but don’t be afraid to ask friends/family or past co-workers/bosses to write you one.  

It might not be specifically related to the services you are offering now, but could highlight your personality or strengths which may be very important for new clients.  

Make sure to ask permission and share them on all of your Social Media Platforms!  

Don’t forget to add their picture if you can.  Chances are if you are helping an online entrepreneur, they will have their picture on their site.  

Try to let your followers know how great you are!  

I also always make it a habit to ask new clients for a testimonial after about a month of working together.  

That has usually given them enough time to really get to know me and my work ethic!  

So mark it on your calendar for a month after you start!

Here is an example of testimonials for Miranda Nahmias, another amazing Virtual Assistant that now has her own team!


Chances are you probably don’t have to think much about this because there aren’t many themes/sites out there these days that aren’t mobile optimized, but make sure to keep it in mind.  

You might be doing a happy dance because you finally have your site where you want it but do yourself a favor and look up your site on your phone and tablet and make sure it still looks good.

This wasn’t really on my radar as I knew my theme was mobile responsive, but I still needed to make some changes to make sure it flowed well on my phone and computer!


This is definitely a mandatory one for me!  

It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list, but would you rather be answering simple questions from potential clients or actually doing work for clients that are paying you?

By having an FAQ section, you can answer a bunch of run of the mill questions that clients will already know before contacting you.

Trust me, this will save you some time and headache.  

You can also just include it on your Services page if you want to make it easier.


Alright, we are in the final stretch.

 CTAs, or Calls To Action, are prompts you have on your site that tell people what you want them to do.

Although it may seem pretty obvious that you want people to call or email you, you literally need to remind them!

Include buttons such as “Let’s Chat” or “Call me today” on your homepage and services section to give people the extra encouragement to get in touch.

It’s simple but necessary, and very effective!

And now that you have all of your Virtual Assistant Website Fundamentals

Soo now that you have all of the goods on your site, are you ready to start blogging and attracting clients?

If you still have any unanswered questions or are wondering how to incorporate any of these fundamentals on your site, I expect an email promptly.  

Don’t wait on these as they can make all of the difference in attracting and landing clients!  

Good luck and see you next time!

Connected Colleague