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The Best E-Courses for Virtual Assistants

Top Courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers

So you have decided to become a Virtual Assistant and Blogger, or you are one already and want to become even more kick ass!  

Way. to. go!  

I relied heavily on Pinterest and the trainings from other Bloggers and Virtual Assistants when I started out and had to look in 100 different places.  

That’s why I wanted to pull a bunch of the top courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers together here, so you can find them all in one place.  

Time is typically of the essence, especially if you are a busy mamma (like me) trying to run your V.A. Biz with kiddos running around.  

Hopefully I can save you some time!

*This post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a percentage of any purchased products.  I do not recommend any products that I don’t have full confidence in.  For more information you can always check out my disclaimer.

How to choose courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers

This is just a word of advice, it probably relates a little more to paid courses, but is still applicable to free courses since you want to make sure you are getting information from a reliable source!  I want you to have access to the best courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers.

What I mean is that, if you are considering taking a course on Pinterest, make sure that the person teaching it has a huge following.  

Also make sure to actually look and see how popular their pins are.  

If they have 20,000 followers but have very little re-pins, something might not be quite right!  

Make sure to check out their actual blog board.  

This is likely the very first board they have listed and should have pins from all of their blog posts.  

This will give you a huge indication of how much people like their content and how well they do on Pinterest.  

The same goes for the other social media platforms.  

Just remember, when choosing courses for Virtual Assistants, make sure you are getting them from a reliable source.

Free Courses vs. Paid Ones

I have taken a lot of free courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers and I have also taken paid ones.  With that experience under my belt, I just want to set some realistic expectations for you.  

You won’t go from zero to hero with free courses.  

The point of them is to give you a good starting point and they are usually provided as a take off point for a paid course.  

The paid courses I’ve included here are being recommended because I have either paid and taken the course myself or they are administered by a top notch expert in that field and therefore I trust them.  

Something you should really look for when purchasing a course is the refund policy.  

I haven’t had to ask for a refund yet, but it’s good to know it’s there in case you really don’t feel like you learned much in the course.  

It’s nice to know your investment is protected.

The Top Free and Paid Courses for Professional Bloggers

My Course Strategy

I know it’s probably going to be tempting to jump at a bunch of courses at once, especially the free ones.  

Can I make a suggestion?  

Take one a time and give them your full attention.  Once you have completed one and applied all of the tips and tricks, then move on to the next one.  

Taking a bunch at once will flood your inbox and make it a lot less likely that you will really retain the information. 

Not to mention, you will probably be very busy with clients and at least for the time being, that should be your number one priority.  

If you are wondering why I wrote, “for the time being“, maybe you should check out my Ultimate Work From Home Strategy post to learn how I plan to make money online on the side while still getting paid as a Virtual Assistant.

Free Courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers

This part is definitely exciting because who doesn’t LOVE free!  

I know I do!  

I have pretty much gone through every course on this list and have included them because I think they offer some amazing beginner advice.

If you are at the intermediate stage of your blog, you might want to skip down to the Professional Courses section below.  

The nice thing is, there is no harm to taking any of these, they are free and if you don’t find the information useful, you can always unsubscribe to the emails!

Pro Courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers

Okay… straight up, these are here because they are awesome and totally worth your time.  

We already talked about how valuable your time is and I have no intention of wasting it!  

Check out the courses one by one and then decide which one to take based on your Virtual Assistant Business direction and goals. 

Thanks for checking out my Top Courses for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers!

I really hope that you enjoyed this list, I know I did when I went through each of the courses!  

If you have a great course that you think could really benefit a Virtual Assistant, I would love to know about it.  

Being a Virtual Assistant means being a part of a large online community and I love to get to know other Virtual Assistants and learn what has worked for them!

The Top Free Courses for Virtual Assistants
The Top Free and Paid Courses for Professional Bloggers

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