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Start making money with a side hustle today!
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We all need to make a little extra money here and there, right?

It might be extra money for Christmas presents, maybe it’s for a much needed family getaway, maybe it’s just to have some savings and peace of mind, or maybe, you want to bank some extra cash to start your Virtual Assistant business like I did!

Whatever your reason, good for you.

Clearly you know your goals and you are taking the time to research how the heck you are going to make it happen.

Let’s be real for a quick second though, a side hustle won’t make you rich… You probably already know that, I just want to make sure we are on the same page.

Starting a side hustle will probably get you an extra $200-$500/month, which if what you are looking for is extra side money, hence “side” hustle, I think this is pretty sweet!

Now before we get started, if you are looking to start making a lot more from being a work from home specialist, my formula for starting a Virtual Assistant Business + Blogging is sure to get you there.  Check out my post on becoming a Virtual Assistant here.

Alright, let’s start your side hustle journey!  Here is my top list of side hustles you can start almost right away!


B.L.O.G is a word that for soo long haunted me as it was something that interested me but I had zero confidence that I could write and that anyone would want to read it if I did.

After going back to work when my son was 8 months old, I realized how bitter I was commuting into the city every day, paying for parking and wasting away in my cubicle answering phones.

So I buckled down, spent a ton of time researching (mainly on Pinterest) and gave it a go.

Turns out, the only barrier to starting a blog was me…

And… you can start a blog for relatively cheap…  $3.95/month through my Bluehost link for your Web Hosting with a website and then it’s really up to you how much you want to spend on your WordPress Theme!

I also have a post where I walk you through setting up your blog and hosting step by step, be sure to check it out!

The good news is that this will likely be under $100.

I strongly recommend using Bluchic Premium WordPress Themes, for one thing they are affordable, and the main reason is that they have excellent Theme Documentation.  That means they give you the full step by step instructions to get your site and theme all set up!!

Now you are probably wondering, how you are going to make money with your blog?

The main way you can do this, especially just starting out, is with Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate Marketing is when you make a recommendation on a product or service and a third party clicks on your link to purchase that product or service.  

The company that provides that product or service will send you a kick-back as a thank you for recommending their product.  

Seems pretty simple right?  Well to be honest, it kind of is….

There are some etiquette things you need to keep in mind but for the most part it’s a pretty simple process.

You apply to a company and ask to be a part of their Affiliate program.  You insert the link they give you in blog posts, social media, etc., someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, and you get the kick back.

Now please bear in mind, that because it is a pretty simple process, it’s easy to get carried away.  

You don’t want to just start throwing Affiliate links around like a mad woman/man. People will click on your links when they trust you.

If you are just in it for the money, chances are you won’t be very successful.  

Your first priority needs to be to provide value to your audience and then add in affiliate links where appropriate.

For More on Affiliate Marketing, check out my post here.

As mentioned above, I also have a great tutorial on how to set up your first blog with Bluehost in minutes!


If you have read any of my other blog posts, you know I think being a Virtual Assistant is an amazing avenue to work from home and make great money.  It can also be a side hustle but typically requires a lot more time to manage clients and work on an ongoing basis.

What you can do in the meantime is offer your services on a platform like Fiverr. You can seriously offer almost any type of service from blog writing, to graphic design, social media design, virtual assistant services, market research…

Seriously, the list is endless!


A really great and reliable site I have stumbled upon for a great side hustle is

They offer transcription, caption and translation services and use freelancers to get the work done.  I have heard great things about them and I’ve seen most people make around $200-$400 per week with them.


eCourses and eBooks are incredibly popular nowadays, especially among DIY online Entrepreneurs.  If you have a specialty that you think others will want to learn about, either of these might be right up your alley! 

The good news is that you can create an eBook with something as simple as Microsoft Word and sell the eBook as a PDF.

eCourses are a little bit more complex but you can also typically charge more for them so you win in the long run.  A really great platform you can use for online courses is called Teachable

I also just found out you can get started with them for free!!! 

I have taken many courses on the platform and it makes for an excellent user experience!



I talk about surveys all of the time and mostly about one company first and foremost. 


I think they are amazing. 

They have a TON of surveys you can do, plus you can also watch videos to earn points to exchange for gift cards.  The best part as far as I’m concerned is that once you have their Google Chrome App, it will notify you automatically if you are shopping on a site that offers cash back.

I like that I don’t have to be in their app looking around, I can be minding my own online business and it will tell me if there are rewards on that site.  I once got back 11 times my purchase in points for booking a weekend trip on Expedia for me and my husband. 

I was elated!


I am a person that doesn’t like to hold on to things, just for the sake of.  Even with clothes, if it’s still in good condition, I will usually take it to Plato’s Closet and sell it to them.  They are a woman’s used clothing store for updated clothing and I can usually get around 5-10$ per item of clothing back. 

I will then either snag some great stuff from there or put it towards something new. 

We also often sell furniture items or kids old toys via my Facebook buy and sell groups or even plain old Kijiji.


Well I hope I have given you some good ideas on how to make some extra income and start a side hustle.  Is there something that you are already doing as a side hustle that’s really working?

I would love to hear all about it!

Connected Colleague