Here you are going to find a list of the Best Resources for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers and why/how I use them.  Feel free to shoot me a quick email if you have any questions on how these help me kill it in my business.  Some categories do offer a few options as I want you to choose what is going to work best for you.  This list is definitely not exhaustive, but I do recommend them because I have used them.  

*You may also see Affilliate links, which means I may get a small percentage should you choose to purchase any of these products based on my recommendation. Thanks for your support!

Top tools and resources for Virtual Assistants

Web Hosting and Website Development

Bluehost: This a web hosting service that enables you download a site in one click.  It also provides you with a free domain, how great is that!  If you purchase through this link, I’ll also do my best to make myself available if you have any questions.  I also have a blog post for setting up your WordPress site through Bluehost so make sure you check it out to make it as easy on you as possible to set it up!

Siteground:  I have had to include two hosting providers here as I am using both of them for two different sites.  For this site, I am using Bluehost but I have an upcoming passion project blog that I have chosen Siteground for.  Curious as to why I chose Siteground?  Check out my posts on Why I chose Siteground the second time around!  As far as I’m concerned this is the platform to use to build your website, whether it’s for a blog or as a Virtual Assistant.  Now please don’t confuse with allows you to self-host the website (hopefully using Bluehost or Siteground) and allows you to have full control over your site.  I’ll be honest, WordPress will require a lot more front end work as opposed to sites like Wix and SquareSpace, but in terms of blog monetization, full control is what you want!

WordPress Website Designs

*For way more information on how to pick the right theme for you and the best tips and tricks to choose a theme, check my latest Theme Selection post!  It’s pretty great!

Bluchic: I just can’t get enough of these guys!  They are a husband and wife team that are just killing it!  They have over 15 gorgeous paid themes to chose from and also offer 3 free themes.  This is the platform that my site is based off of.  They are totally worth checking out and are such a pleasure to work with if you end up having any questions.  They also have some really great Canva Social Media templates that are absolutely stunning!  

Restored 316 Designs: These are self-proclaimed feminine WordPress themes that are sure to get your attention and those of your readers.  You really need to check them out!  They operate as a child theme in conjunction with the Studio Press Genesis Theme.  Basically this means that you need to purchase Genesis (Parent Theme) and then also purchase one of the beautiful themes from Restored 316.  The Market theme and Refined theme are definitely two of my faves!

Refined Theme

Divi by Elegant Themes: This seems to be the #1 in terms of popularity that I’ve seen for bloggers and Virtual Assistants.  The feedback I have received is that there is definitely a steep learning curve but it’s well worth it once you have it all figured out.  Elegant Themes credits Divi with being the Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder, and you can try it out for FREE.

VA Savvy Site:  This is the website theme I used to set up my website and I love it. It has been specifically designed for Virtual Assistants. This theme does require some work and it’s not cheap, but it is TOTALLY worth it – well I think so anyways!  You start with a plain looking site but they provide you with all of the step by step tutorials to set everything up.  Check out the rest of my site and see what you think!

Courses and Training

I have a really great post on amazing free and professional courses for Virtual Assistants that can also help bloggers. Check it out here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – from Michelle Schroeder-Gardner: I’m currently enrolled in this Affiliate Marketing Program and so far it’s wonderful!  I’ll keep you posted!  Update – I’ve already made my first two affiliate sales because of this program, so don’t wait!

Strategies Worth Sharing – If you are looking to sky-rocket your Facebook presence, Brittany Ann is your girl.  She went from 2,000 to 10,000 Facebook Followers in only 5 months!  That’s honestly incredible and everyone raves about how great her course is.  She also offers it in three different formats for three different pricing options so you can really choose what is right for you.  If you are serious about Facebook, then you need to be serious about this program!

WordPress Training – from Jess Catorc: I heard about Jess through the SPI Podcast with Pat Flynn, her entire focus is on making WordPress an easy and enjoyable platform to create your website.  You can sign up for her Free WordPress E-Course.

Start your Virtual Assistant Business E-Book – Desire to Done – Learn the basics of getting your virtual assistant business off the ground. You’ll go through the process of mapping out your services, pricing your offerings, and registering your business so you can build your business quickly. It’s such a great tool to start off with!

Email Marketing


ConvertKit: This is the master when it comes to building email lists to their full potential and it’s what I use every day. It combines simple, elegant sending with the automation and tagging features that you actually need as a professional blogger, and can help you to really personalize your newsletter content for specific audiences.  This is a paid platform but totally worth it to professionally build your following.

Mailchimp:  a simple email marketing software (EMS) which gives you a number of easy options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails.  I don’t personally use this software as I use (pay) for ConvertKit, but I know of many bloggers that do. The downside is many bloggers end up switching to ConvertKit down the road and I just wanted to save myself the hassle. Under their Forever Free Plan, you’re able to send up to 12,000 emails per month if you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers.

Top Tools for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers

Social Media Boosters

TailwindWelcome to some pinning Freedom!  This app lets you schedule your pins well in advance so you can focus on other parts of your business.  We all know that the Pinterest algorithm likes you to pin 20-25 times a day and seriously, who has that much time?  Here you can schedule as many auto posts in a day as you want and they also offer a free trial. Check out my post on Tailwind for Pinterest – Why Tailwind Rocks to find out why it’s soo great!

Hootsuite: This is a social media scheduling platform that connects with over 35 different social media platforms. It starts out as free, and can simplify the complicated process of posting multiple updates to various social media sites.  You can schedule posts in one place weeks in advance. This was made to simplify your life big time!

Post Planner: I just recently found this platform and it has saved me HOURS!  If you or your clients have a lot of blog posts and affiliate posts, Post Planner allows you to recycle posts so you can literally sit back while your posts are auto uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.  You can also add the feeds from related influencers to make it super easy to re-post amazing content so you’re not constantly bombarding your followers with only your content!  This is a MUST!

Linktree: This is a game changer for Instagram.  In case you didn’t know, your profile only allows you 1 link to direct traffic.  With Linktree that one link quickly becomes as many you want. This is what happens when you click the link in my Instagram bio.  You can link people over to your products, blog, courses, literally anything you want.  The best part is that they have a free version that still offers you tons of options.  I wish I had found this one from day one! Start rocking your Instagram with this free app today!

Connected Colleague - Linktree Sample

Accounting and Time Tracking

FreshbooksWith Freshbooks, you can track your time, send invoices, and accept payments all in one simple-to-use software. They also offer you a 30-day free trial so it’s totally worth checking out!

Paypal:  Using Paypal Business, you can easily manage all of your business payments and processing needs with PayPal’s merchant services, from accepting credit cards on a website to online invoicing.

Photo Editing/Branding

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator:  I think everyone know that this is the mother lord of all things photos/editing and graphic design.  There is a steep learning curve, hence the creation of simpler photo editing programs such as below, but Adobe offers free trials and their knowledge base and tutorials are amazing! I’ve taken a college course on Illustrator and I still learn from them all the time!

Canva: This can be used to create stunning images for your blog/website, social media accounts, and even presentations or business cards.  The Basic Canva tool is FREE but they also have Canva for Work which is 12$/month.  This is actually where I created the first draft of my Logo!

Stencil: Use Stencil for simple image creation for social media marketers, bloggers and small businesses.  They have a free option where you can create up to 10 images per month using limited backgrounds.  They also offer premium memberships from 9$ and 18$ that can give you some amazing options and results.

I'm sure there will be more....

I am sure there will be more tools and resources along the way that I will be excited to add to the list, but I think this is a pretty good start.  If you have any questions about any of the above platforms or apps, feel free to send me a note anytime!

In the meantime....

Now that you are familiar with the tools and resources I use to kill it in my Virtual Assistant and Blogging Business, maybe it’s time to start a Blog or Business of your own!!  Here are some resources to help you out with the next steps, Enjoy!

How to start a blog in 15 minutes

How to choose the best WordPress Theme for you

WordPress Dashboard Basics for Beginners



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The Complete List of Ultimate Tools for Virtual Assistants
Best must-have list of tools for Bloggers and Virtual Assistants
Ultimate list of Resources and Tools for Virtual Assistants
Ultimate list of resources and tools for bloggers
Best Resources for Virtual Assistants and Bloggers